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Measuring guide

We source our products from a variety of reputable manufacturers, no supplier works to the same sizing standards.
We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of individual garments we supply and our experience aids us in supplying the correct sizes as per the measurements you supply.
We do not get our advice correct 100% of the time, but continually strive to improve on the 91% success rate we have achieved to date.

  • Chest:
    This measurement is for Blazers/Sweatshirts/Jumpers/Polo Shirts/Cardigans/Fleeces
    Ensure that all bulky items of clothing are removed. You need a body measurement.
    With their arms loosely by their sides
    Measure around the body at chest height
  • Waist:
    This measurement is for Trousers/Skirts/Shorts/skorts
    School uniform is not designed to be a fashion garment and therefore the measurement should be taken around the natural waist line
    The natural waist line is just above the hip bones
  • Inside Leg:
    This measurement is for Trousers
    Measure from the top of the inside of the leg to the where you wish the trouser length to be.
    For this measurement ensure that the child is wearing the shoes they would wear to school
  • Neck:
    This measurement is for Boy’s shirts